Water Sport

Jet Ski

Code : WSP / 601

Jet Ski is one spectacular marine sport activities by riding 700 cc of motorize ski on the blue sea water. In Bali, the Jet Ski Activities can be found at Tanjung Benoa Nusa Dua, south part of the island. This area is intentionally assigned for marine sport activities due to the seawater are calm with beautiful white sandy beach. It is one of the great adventures with a lot of challenge to explore the coastal side of Tanjung Benoa and surrounding area. Your will be guided by the professional Jet Ski Instructor to keep enjoy your adventure.  [Read More]

Odyssey Submarine

Code : ODY / 668
Price:US$ 75/ pax

The Amazing Voyages of Fantasy Submarine Safaris Asia, Ltd. is launching a worldwide fleet of sightseeing submarine, a Tourist Submarine. Once the private realm of divers and scientists such as Jacques Cousteau, the exotic undersea world can now be experienced by people of all ages and physical condition, in a safe and comfortable atmosphere. By appealing to everyone from professional scuba divers to the most timid non-swimmers, this Sightseeing Submarine excursions will attract passengers from all walks of life.  [Read More]

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