Waka Toya

Tour Code : DIVE / 665
(a mystical underwater adventure)

Discover Menjangan Island With Waka.
Bali Barat National Park

Explore the beauty of calm waters and the reef off the uninhabited island of Menjangan with WakaToya. At Menjangan, the protected location of the island means that currents are only very slight, making the location ideal for both beginners and the experienced.

Due to its being more exposed to the open sea, the north side of the island is where you are more likely to see the larger species. Sharks and rays are common, as are turtles, huge bump-headed parrotfish and a great variety of butterfly fish. Large disc-shaped batfish also accompany most dives, and there have been sightings of huge whale sharks from time to time.

One of the beauties of the clear waters of Menjangan is that you can appreciate nature's marine symphony from any distance; gliding back from the coral wall, the mountainous edifice plunges dramatically into the deep blue while stretching majestically towards the shimmering surface above.

There are many wonderful dive adventures available in Bali. Menjangan is only one of them. Let us take you to them all.

Explore with WakaToya, another unique Waka experience.

*Toya - is the Balinese word for water.

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